Weather in Tenerife in October

Is October a good time to visit Tenerife?

Although slightly cooler than the heat of high summer in August, October is still pleasantly warm in Tenerife – a world away from the first frosts in Europe. Dining al fresco, sunbathing on the beautiful beaches and splashing in the sea remain at the core of Tenerife holiday fun in October. Blue skies prevail most of the time, but the likelihood of a rainy day here and there on the south-west coast increases slightly, and on the windward side of the island, the north-east, the weather becomes noticeably wetter and cooler. Up on Mount Teide, at high elevation, a wintry chill is apparent.

Climate in Tenerife in October

Although it has a reputation for being sunny and warm all year round, nowhere on earth can entirely escape adverse weather, and in Tenerife the winter season – starting slowly in October – brings on an increased threat of rainy days. The average for Tenerife in October is 10 wet days, with rainfall of 41mm – but remember this figure is for the entire island and the south-west stays much drier than the windward side and mountains. A holiday in Tenerife’s popular beach resorts during October will still send you home with a suntan, with temperatures reaching around 25°C during the day, dipping to 18°C or so after dark.

What’s on in Tenerife in October

Besides offering perfect year-round weather, Tenerife is also famed for being a party island of note. In October the place to party is Buenavista del Norte, where the week-long wild Fiestas de Los Remedios is held, incorporating a wide variety of events from processions to fun fairs, fireworks, music, sport, dancing and long nights of drinking.

What to pack for a holiday in Tenerife in October

First into the bag should be your swimsuit, sarong and sunscreen. For going out and about you will need little more than shorts and t-shirts, but after dark if you are sitting outdoors you may be glad of a cardigan, wrap or light jacket. Intrepid explorers who intend taking the high road and visiting the mountains will need a ski-jacket, warm trousers and boots. In the north of the island a waterproof of some sort will be welcome.