Weather in Ibiza in May

Is May a good time to visit Ibiza?

Ibiza is usually packed to capacity during peak season, which falls from June until August. This means that May is the perfect time to book a cheap flight to Ibiza because it is not too crowded and some holiday deals are still available. There is a moderate amount of rainfall throughout spring in Ibiza, but this usually only amounts to about three days rain throughout the month of May. May is the ideal time to visit Ibiza.


Climate in Ibiza in May

Ibiza’s climate and weather during May is ideal for holidaymakers who don’t like the intense heat in summer or the chilly weather in winter. Temperatures in May in Ibiza are moderate and precipitation is relatively scarce. The average temperature in Ibiza during May ranges between 14 and 22°C (58 to 72°F). Sea temperatures in Ibiza during spring tend to stick at roughly 18°C (64°F) and while there are occasional evening breezes, they don’t really amount to much. Visitors to Ibiza in May can expect about nine sunshine hours each day – perfect for a sun-filled holiday on the beach!


What’s on in Ibiza in May

The main event in Ibiza in May is the Medieval Fair in Dalt Vila, which is great for holiday pictures and souvenir shopping. The Medieval Fair in Ibiza usually takes place on the second weekend in May. May 1 is a national holiday for International Workers Day and the first Sunday in May is the Festa de Maig, which is held across the Balearic Islands and celebrates the spring flowers.


What to pack for a holiday in Ibiza May

Beachwear is the most important item to pack when planning a trip to Ibiza. As it is not peak summer in Ibiza during May, a light jersey and some casual trousers are also a good suitcase item. Visitors wishing to see more of the island than just the beaches should remember to pack some comfortable walking shoes or trainers. Shopaholics travelling to Ibiza should leave room in their suitcase for holiday bargains and souvenirs.