Weather in Mallorca in June

Is June a good time to visit Mallorca?

June is a popular month to visit Mallorca, so booking early is vital. The weather in Mallorca in June is perfect summer holiday weather. Visitors to Mallorca in June should expect sunshine and warmth along the coast and in the interior regions of the island. June weather is perfect beach weather, however the wind does often pick up in the afternoons, making the mornings the best times to enjoy the lovely beaches, while the afternoons are ideal for water sports such as yachting and windsurfing.


Climate in Mallorca in June

Mallorca’s climate in June is typical summer weather. Daytime temperatures start at a mild 18°C and peak at 26 degrees Celsius (65 to 79°F). The Mediterranean climate in Mallorca means that June is a very dry month with only 11mm (0.4 inches) of precipitation throughout the month. Most of the coastal regions, particularly Palma, experience onshore winds in the afternoons. June is not quite peak summer in Mallorca, but the island still enjoys just over 300 sunshine hours throughout the month.


What's on in Mallorca in June

Mallorca has two popular events in June, both of which are religious occasions.  Holidaymakers in Mallorca in June can enjoy Corpus Christi on the island – celebrated in Pollenca with dances and gatherings in the town’s main square. The festival of Saint Antoni de Juny is held in mid June in the small town of Arta on the Island of Mallorca. This festival is celebrated with parades and much, much more.


What to pack for a holiday in Mallorca in June

Holidaymakers booking cheap flights to Mallorca in June can pack lightly. Summer clothes, swimwear, sunglasses and sun tanning lotion are the bare essentials. Visitors who wish to explore more of the island of Mallorca should pack comfortable, but cool, walking shoes and light clothing. The festivals are not formal occasions so a pair of shorts or a skirt and t-shirt with flip-flops will suffice.