Weather in Ibiza in April

Is April a good time to visit Ibiza?

April is a great time of year to visit Ibiza. The beaches are quiet and the prices haven’t been inflated in anticipation of peak holiday season. The weather in Ibiza in April is sometimes a little chilly in the evenings, but temperatures often climb to 20°C (68°F) during the day. Ibiza gets a relatively small amount of rain in April, usually the equivalent of 4 days of rain throughout the entire month. April is the ideal time to go to Ibiza for visitors after a quiet beach holiday without the raucous partying that this Spanish resort island is so well known for during the summer. It is also a good time to look for cheap flights to Ibiza and special off-season accommodation rates.


Climate in Ibiza in April

Ibiza’s climate in April is warm and sunny with cooler temperatures in the mornings and evenings. Holidaymakers should expect mild weather during spring in Ibiza. Average temperatures in Ibiza during April range from lows of 10°C (52°F), particularly at the beginning of the month, to daytime highs of 19°C (66°F). Ibiza gets a few days of rain during April and sea temperatures average a comfortable 18°C (64°F). Ibiza enjoys roughly eight hours of sunshine during April.


What’s on in Ibiza in April?

April is often the month of Easter. Easter is a great time to visit Ibiza as many of the towns on the island host processions and small events. Other popular events during April in Ibiza include the Festa Sant Fransesc (2 April), and the Festa Sant Jordi (23 April), both of which are celebrated with parades and feasts across the Balearic Islands. Spring in Ibiza is also a very beautiful time of year, with many flowers coming into bloom, particularly poppies.


What to pack for a holiday in Ibiza in April

Holidaymakers booking a holiday in Ibiza in April should pack clothing that they can wear in layers. Sometimes the mornings are quite cool and require a light jersey or cardigan, but as the day progresses the weather usually warms up nicely. A light jacket is usually necessary in the evenings and jeans or trousers are an essential item to pack for Ibiza. Swimwear and sunglasses are also important. Packing for a holiday in Ibiza should always be kept to a minimum as there is a multitude of shopping opportunities on the island and it’s best to leave room in your suitcase for all the items you will be bringing home.