Weather in Tenerife in April

Is April a good time to visit Tenerife?

Even though April in Tenerife can be counted as spring, the seasons here change little all year round. There may be a small increase in temperature during April as the islands head for summer, basically the weather is as pleasantly warm, sunny and tranquil as it is most of the year in this sub-tropical island off of the West African coast, which is tempered by trade winds and the cold Atlantic current.


Climate in Tenerife in April

With an average maximum temperature of 22°C during April, and a low of 16°C, Tenerife offers dry, warm holiday conditions for visitors to make the most of the island beach resorts. Add to this the fact that there are only on average three rainy days during April, and the sea is almost a constant, refreshing 18°C, and all the ingredients are there for fun in the sun.


What's on in Tenerife in April?

Celebrities love Tenerife, and each year the island attracts plenty of international acts – most recently the likes of Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys. Apart from concerts and gigs to complement resort nightlife, Tenerife also has a host of local annual festivals and interesting events, like the annual La Laguna International Chess Tournament, which takes place in April. The acclaimed Cirque de Soleil also usually visits the islands for performances in April.


What to pack for a holiday in Tenerife in April

Slip on your flip-flops, shades and shorts when you jet off to Tenerife for a spring holiday, but don’t forget a couple of cardigans and trousers for the cool evenings, and your sun-tanning paraphernalia for days beside the seaside. You may well work up a sweat in the island discos, but basically be prepared for warm, sunny rather than sizzling hot, weather conditions. Don’t forget your shopping list and credit card, because Tenerife has plenty of designer retail therapy on offer, and electrical goods are well worth buying.