Weather in Mallorca in April

Is April a good time to visit Mallorca?

Mallorca’s weather in April is typical spring weather for the Mediterranean region. The temperatures start to increase as winter fades and visitors to the island of Mallorca will be pleasantly surprised by the mild temperatures and sunny weather. The beginning of the month tends to experience slightly more rainfall than the end of April when the days tend to be sunny with a light breeze.


Climate in Mallorca in April

The average temperature in Mallorca during April tends to hover between 11 and 19 degrees Celsius (52 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit). Mallorca’s climate allows for relatively comfortable humidity levels during April. The climate on this Mediterranean island lends itself to beach weather, particularly toward the end of the month. The average rainfall in Mallorca for the month of April is approximately 43m (1.7 inches), which amounts to roughly 6 days of rain throughout the month. Water temperatures are relatively warm and Mallorca enjoys 230 sunshine hours during April.


What's on in Mallorca in April?

The highlight event in April in Mallorca is the Princess Sofia Trophy yachting regatta in Palma. Mallorca also has a number of festivals dedicated to the saints, two popular feasts that take place in April include the Festa Sant Francesc at the beginning of April and Festa Sant Jordi toward the end of the month.


What should I pack for a holiday in Mallorca

Swimwear, sunglasses and some flip-flops are the most important items to pack for a holiday in Mallorca in April. For visitors travelling to the island at the beginning of April a light raincoat and jersey may also come in handy for the odd rainy day. Evenings tend to be cool so a simple cardigan and trousers are sometime necessary. Hikers should pack hiking clothes and suitable shoes. Don’t forget to pack sun tanning lotion and a camera.