Weather in Mallorca in May

Is May a good time to visit Mallorca?

Visiting Mallorca in May is ideal for those wishing to see the island without battling the summer crowds. The weather in Mallorca in May is comfortably warm and the island experiences very little rain during May. Visitors on holiday in Mallorca in May can enjoy all the usual holiday water sports and the weather is ideal for those wishing to spend their vacation lying on the beach working on their tan. Visitors wishing to party the night away in packed nightclubs may find the island a little quiet during May as the season hasn’t truly begun yet.


Climate in Mallorca in May

The climate in Mallorca in May is warm and sunny with very little precipitation – perfect beach-going weather. Average temperatures in Mallorca in May range from 15 to 22°C (59 to 72°F). This popular Balearic Island enjoys roughly 280 hours of sunlight during May and only experiences an average of four days rain throughout the entire month. The sea temperature in Mallorca in May averages at 17°C (63°F).


What's on in Mallorca in May

Mallorca has two popular festivals during the month of May. Open-air concerts and open courtyards are the order of the day for the Festival of Spring in Palma. Another popular festival in Mallorca during May is the Festa de Nostra Sanyora de la Victoria, which is dedicated to Our Lady of Victory – a patron saint throughout the island, particularly in Palma.


What to Pack for a holiday in Mallorca in May

May is meant for festivals and sunbathing in Mallorca. Visitors to Mallorca should pack sunbathing clothes and paraphernalia, and perhaps some festive clothes for the street parties and evening concerts on offer in Mallorca in May. A light cardigan and a pair of trousers may be useful but summer clothes such as skirts, shorts and T-shirts are the order of the day for a holiday in Mallorca in May.