Weather in Tenerife in February

Is February a good time to visit Tenerife?

February may be the coolest month on Tenerife, but it is still possible to catch a tan on all the island beaches. Plenty of sunshine and warmth with the odd spot of rain is the outlook for February weather in Tenerife, except perhaps for the interior mountain slopes on the Teide. It gets colder the higher you go, so why not sunbathe in the morning and ski in the afternoon! The only blight on a holiday in Tenerife in February is the slim possibility of a dust storm or two, blown in by the calima (south-easterly trade wind).  


Climate in Tenerife in February

Tenerife in February is actually in the midst of winter weather, but it is hard to credit this fact when the average temperature for the south coast beach resorts is 22°C, and only a few degrees cooler in the north of the island around the capital, Santa Cruz De Tenerife. On the upper slopes of Mount Teide (at the Izana Observatory 2371m above sea level) it is pretty chilly though, with a maximum temperature of 8°C and a minimum of 1.5°C – and the mountain is coated with snow.


What to do in Tenerife in February

Soak up the sun, go deep sea fishing, take a scenic drive, ride the cable car up snowy Mount Teide, shop for designer brands, enjoy the buzzing nightlife – Tenerife is packed with diversions to suit everyone, from couch potatoes to the super-fit. In the middle of the month don’t miss the fantastic Tenerife Carnaval – one of the biggest carnivals in the world – opening with a colourful parade through Santa Cruz and ending with a massive fireworks display.


What to pack for a holiday in Tenerife in February

Bring your swimsuit, shorts and sunscreen, but you may well need trousers and a warm jumper at night in Tenerife in February. The north of the island can be chilly, so if going exploring take an anorak and trainers. If you plan on  cresting Mount Teide or the other interior mountains, snow gear is advisable in February. Rainfall is sparse, but possible, so perhaps a waterproof poncho in your daypack may be useful.