Weather in Lanzarote in April

Is April a good time to visit Lanzarote?

Long, lazy sunny days, basking in comfortable warmth, and cooling off during somewhat chilly evenings – such is the promise of an April holiday in Lanzarote. There is definitely no fear of April showers on this dry island, where the skies are blue and the weather is fine all year round. This is a very pleasant month to visit Lanzarote whether it is the beach you favour or prefer to put on your walking shoes.  


Climate in Lanzarote in April  

The threat of the notorious dust storms is gone by April in Lanzarote, and the average rainfall for the month is barely worth mentioning at only 6mm. The average maximum temperature is a pleasant 23°C (73.4°F), and there are just over 250 hours of brilliant sunshine during the month. Days are thus perfect for basking on the beach, but nights can be rather chilly, especially in the southern areas, where the temperature after dark can be as low as 12°C (53.6°F). There can be some windy afternoons along the northern coastline during April, but in general the weather in Lanzarote this month is extremely dry, clear and pleasant.


What’s on in Lanzarote in April

Take a donkey ride, learn a craft and sample the local cuisine at the Puerto Calero April Fair in late April in Lanzarote. For the sporty types there is the Spring Duathlon at Costa Teguise, which includes running and cycling, while party animals will warm up the rather cold evenings with the El Chupadero Full Moon Party.  


What to pack for a holiday in Lanzarote in April                                    

It’s warm enough in Lanzarote in April to sport your swimsuit on the beach, and sunscreen is vital even though it doesn’t feel that hot, because you are basking under tropical sun, even though the heat may be tempered by currents and breezes. If you are out and about jeans and t-shirts should suffice during the day, but at night you will need some warm cover-ups.