Weather in Lanzarote in September

Is September a good time to visit Lanzarote?

A large number of holidaymakers in Lanzarote have returned home by the beginning of September due to work and school commitments, which resume in Europe after the summer holiday season.  Fortunately they leave good weather behind, so this is a great time for a “grown-up” holiday in Lanzarote, with the hot, sunny days continuing well into the month and the trade winds dying down, the crowded resorts becoming a little less congested. You may like to ensure your accommodation features air-conditioning, because daytime temperatures are high. There little chance of rain, but be prepared for cool evenings.


Climate in Lanzarote in September

Daytime temperatures rising to 29°C(84.2°F) and beyond are usual in Lanzarote in September, particularly on the east coast. The west and inland areas may be a few degrees higher during the day, and at night expect a drop of around 10°C (50°F) across the island, which could give you goose-bumps, especially if you have a touch of sunburn from your day on the beach. The temperatures quoted are averages, and there could be some days when the mercury soars way above these levels. 

Sunshine is the order of the day during September, although there is an average rainfall of 2mm recorded for the month. It is not likely this will be exceeded, and the when this modicum of rain falls it will be in late September, and is negligible enough not to mar your holiday in Lanzarote.


What’s on in Lanzarote in September

The peak holiday season in Lanzarote may be winding down by September, but the joie de vivre is not – there are still several local fiestas to enjoy during the month, including those in Yaiza, Tiagua, Guatiza and Mancha Blanca. The festival in Mancha Blanca is probably the most noteworthy in mid-September. Paying homage to the town’s patron saint, the Virgin de los Dolores (Our Lady of Sorrows), it involves a church mass, procession, folk festival and massive craft fair.


What to pack for a holiday in Lanzarote in September

Choose your wardrobe economically for a holiday in Lanzarote in September. You won’t need much aside from your swimwear, shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops. A shady sunhat, high factor sun screen and sunglasses are vital if you don’t want to end up with a bad case of blisters and heat stroke! A cardigan or wrap is advisable for evenings if you plan to sit outdoors.