Weather in Mexico in July

Is July a good time to visit Mexico?

July is the wettest month of the year in most of Mexico, although, surprisingly, the popular resort city of Cancun is one of the driest (and hottest) spots. This is also a risky season for hurricanes and tropical storms on the Mexican coast, but for heat freaks this time of year can’t be beat! Temperatures soar throughout the country, bringing on a sweat even without the spicy salsa! Sea temperatures, too, are sultry on both the east and west coast, at around 30°C (86°F) in the favourite holiday destinations of Acapulco, Cancun, and Puerta Vallarta.

Climate in Mexico in July

The Yucatan Peninsula is extremely hot and humid in July, with brief monsoon-like heavy rain showers which come late in the day – for the rest of the time the relentless tropical sun bakes down on the beaches. Temperatures in Cancun and the other Yucatan resort areas rise up to 35°C (95°F) most days, dropping appreciably at night. The rainy season is now well established, and there is the risk of hurricanes at worst, and tropical storms at the least, occurring on the Mexican Caribbean coast in July.

On the Pacific coast of Mexico in July the weather is also swelteringly hot, and the rainfall here is higher than on the Caribbean beaches. Acapulco’s average monthly rainfall for July is 243mm, while Puerta Vallarta is even wetter with 328mm for the month. It rains nearly every day, but only for brief periods and there is still a great deal of sunshine. The driest place on the Pacific coast is Cabo San Lucas in the north, which is fairly dry with only 13mm on average for July.

Inland, the cool, elevated Mexico City with its “eternal spring” is pleasant, if wet, with a maximum temperature of around 23°C (73.4°F), and rainfall peaks at 160mm for the month with 22 wet days.

Hot food in hot weather?                  

Mexico enjoys warm to hot weather all year round, and visitors often wonder why such a hot country – especially with temperatures peaking in July – enjoys spicy cuisine. Holiday-makers may be interested to know that the famous Mexican salsa has a good purpose in the heat – not only do spices and chilies ensure that food is preserved better in a hot climate, but when people eat hot food they tend to sweat more. The sweat evaporating from the skin induces cooling – so even though you may be inclined to go for a bowl of ice cream on a hot day, a plate of spicy Chili Con Carne will be more beneficial for keeping your cool!

What’s on in Mexico in July

It may be hot in northern Mexico in July, but this does not deter enthusiasts from taking part in an International Mountain Biking Festival in the magnificent Copper Canyon near Chihuahua in early July. Also in Chihuahua is the annual horse-riding adventure event known as Jornadas Villistas. In Monterrey in July spectators marvel at an International Puppet Festival, and in Buenavista, Baja California, dozens of eager teams compete for cash and big fish in a deep sea fishing tournament.

What to pack for a holiday in Mexico in July

First into the bag should be your swimsuit for a trip to Mexico in July. Take cool clothing made of natural fabrics to beat the heat, and ensure you have plenty of sun protection. For the highland areas, including Mexico City, include a pair of trousers and light pullover for cool evenings.