Weather in Mexico in November

Is November a good time to visit Mexico?

Almost like turning off a tap, the rainy season in Mexico slows to a relative trickle in November, while temperatures remain high. Unfortunately this does not mean that the threat of tropical storms – particularly on the Caribbean coast of Mexico – is totally eradicated, but the likelihood of such unpleasant weather is much reduced. Generally November is a great month to visit any part of Mexico, with hot, sunny days and cool, balmy evenings on the coast, and mild to cool conditions in the interior.  The high season when resorts and beaches are packed with holiday-makers has yet to come in a few weeks’ time, so enjoy the peace and quiet, and fine weather.

Climate in Mexico in November

Temperatures in Mexico taper slightly in November, both inland and along the coasts, but it is still warm and sunny enough to sizzle in the sun and dry enough to make the threat of rain showers minimal.

In Mexico City there is a marked drop over the previous month in the precipitation level, down to just 18mm for November; the temperature drops too but maintains a pleasant maximum average of 20°C (68°F), falling into single figures at night.

The coastal areas cool down somewhat too, but the difference is more marked after dark. Cancun has an average maximum for November of 29°C (84°F), and a minimum of 22°C (72°F), the rainfall for the region dropping significantly compared to October, down to 96mm for the month.

Temperatures and rainfall in other popular resorts like Puerto Vallarta are similar, and Acapulco is particularly hot, dry and humid.

Generally, the rainy season dissipates gradually from mid-Mexico southwards from  the Tropic of Cancer, so the further you go from the tropical latitude in November the less the threat of rain. North of the Tropical line it is extremely dry and hot, the heat tempered in the central area by the altitude.

What’s on in Mexico in November

As the rainy season eases off and temperatures drop slightly, Mexico comes out to enjoy the milder weather with dozens of events in every town and city across the country. The month of November starts with a four-day national holiday weekend, celebrating the Days of the Dead, and on the third Monday in November another public holiday is held to commemorate the Mexican Revolution.

Popular with visitors is the International Gourmet Festival, held in mid-November in Puerto Vallarta, offering cooking classes and appetizing opportunities for dining out at special prices.

In Leon, Guanajuato, November goes up and away with an International Balloon Festival, while in Puerto Vallarta pro and amateur golfers take a swing at the Vallarta Golf Cup from 14th November.

Jazz lovers have a treat under the stars at Playa del Carmen late in November at the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, and “twitchers” are in their element at the Yucatan Bird Festival with field trips, exhibitions, conferences and a “birdathon”.

What to pack for a holiday in Mexico in November

It’s beach clobber all the way when packing for a trip to Mexico in November – think hot, sunny days and warm sultry nights. Evening-wear in the Mexican beach resorts and restaurants tends to be smart-casual and even formal, so bring on the bling but keep fabrics cool and comfortable. In Mexico City, and anywhere inland, it can be rather chilly after dark so pack a pull-over or light jacket.