Weather in Mexico in October

Is October a good time to visit Mexico?

Like the lyrics of the old song by the “Four Tops” say, you may well be “going loco down in Acapulco, if you stay to long”, with scorching heat and humidity searing the Pacific coast of Mexico in October – and all the other seaside areas of this hot , tropical central American country too.

It is certainly hot, but also wet at this time of year, for October is still top of the pops for the rainy season in Mexico, although this is about  to change suddenly as the winter dry season approaches. Meanwhile, it is still possible to obtain bargain package deals to Mexican destinations in October, with the threat of rain unpredictable and the risk of hurricanes and tropical storms still high. Want to take a gamble on a holiday in Mexico in October – go for it!

Climate in Mexico in October

This is the last month of the rainy season for most regions of Mexico, with the drier winter approaching. Autumn in Mexico, however, does not mean cooler weather on the coast, and in October the heat, humidity, rain and tropical storms that characterize summer are still very present. 

In Cancun on the Caribbean coast of Mexico the humidity levels reach their maximum at 80% in October, and temperatures reach an average maximum of 31°C (87°F), with frequent heavy rain (usually in the late afternoon) averaging 218mm for the month. Most of the day though remains sunny and bright on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Cancun, with an average of seven hours of sunshine per day for the month.

The story of Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula is emulated in the other coastal areas of Mexico, but for cooler conditions one has to travel inland. In Mexico City in the high valleys of Mexico the rainy season has already begun to tail off, with only 51mm falling during the month – but the rain falls in ever more brief and light showers for many days during the month. The maximum average temperature drops too to around 21°C during October, and it can be very chilly at night in this high-placed central city.


What’s on in Mexico in October

Daylight Savings Time comes to an end in Mexico on the last Sunday in October, but before this happens the country has a full calendar of events and festivals to fill the longer days.

One of the most important festivals of the year is the Day of the Dead, at the end of the month, when Mexicans remember their deceased relatives with celebrations throughout the country. Particularly colourful are the celebrations in Patzcuaro, Oaxaca and Chiapas.

The living, however, have plenty of fun in Mexicali, Baja California, early in the month of October with the Festival of the Sun, involving concerts, parades and other fairground events, and in Playa del Carmen there is a festival of fascinating independent short films along with workshops and conferences about cinematography.


What to pack for a holiday in Mexico in October

 It is officially autumn, but October in Mexico requires only skimpy beachwear if you are spending your time in the luxury seaside resorts, along with lashings of sunblock. For evenings and going downtown pack some light, comfortable, smart casual clothing that will beat the heat. In Mexico City some sweaters and a warm jacket for evenings will keep the highland chill at bay. Everywhere, except for the extreme north of Mexico, is likely to be subject to unexpected rain showers, so bring a brolly or waterproof poncho.