Weather in Mexico in September

Is September a good time to visit Mexico?

The cities and resorts of Mexico are hot, humid and damp during September, but full of festive bunting, for on 15th September the country celebrates Grito – Independence Day – and there will be colourful celebrations everywhere. Mexico is still in the grip of the wet, hurricane season in September, but the weather ensures that there are some great deals on offer on flights and at the tourist resorts.

In fact, the rain is welcomed by most to dampen the intense heat of high summer. Despite the rain, which comes in heavy showers nearly every day, there are still plenty of sunny interludes because the clouds do not linger between downpours. If you enjoy the heat, prefer hotels to be uncrowded and don’t mind getting wet now and then, there is plenty to draw you to Mexico in September, including the fabulous Autumn Equinox experience at the ancient site of Chichen Itza.


Climate in Mexico in September

If you holiday in popular Cancun in Mexico in September, expect to experience sweaty days with an average high temperature of 31°C (89°F), and lows, at night, of around 24°C (76°F). There is also the threat of a severe tropical storm or hurricane on the Caribbean coast (in fact on the Gulf and Pacific coasts too), but these are rare and as long as you are adequately covered by cancellation/evacuation travel insurance, this should not put you off visiting Mexico in September. The rainfall may well put you off though – with 218mm on average in Cancun for the month, and heavy showers marking the late afternoon/evening most days. There is still enough sunshine to catch a tan, however, with an average of six sunny hours experienced every day across the month.

Weather conditions on the other coastal areas of Mexico in September – the Gulf Coast and Pacific Coast – are similar to those of Cancun mentioned above. For a cool time in Mexico in September head for the central interior, where most areas are elevated and therefore appreciably cooler, but not drier.

The only place in Mexico to escape the rainy season in September is the north, but the heat in this arid area makes it very uncomfortable for visitors.


What’s on in Mexico in September

Independence Day is celebrated in colourful style across Mexico in September, on the 15th and 16th of the month. Mexicans gather close to midnight on the 15th in town squares across the land counting down to midnight to greet the celebration with a “Viva Mexico!” cry, emulating the declaration of Independence in 1810 by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. There follows a day of celebration, including military parades and fireworks (especially in Mexico City), eating and drinking.

The other unmissable event in Mexico in September is the celebration of the Autumn Equinox on 21st September at Chichen Itza (close to Cancun), when the sun creates the shadow of a serpent image on the steps of the ancient Mayan pyramid.


What to pack for a holiday in Mexico in September

In the beach resorts of Mexico skimpy swimsuits and bikinis are the fashion, but if you plan to explore the downtown areas during the Independence Day celebrations it is respectful to wear smart casual clothing – maxi-dresses and light trousers with a cotton shirt are preferred attire among Mexicans. Shorts are fine in beach resorts, but women seldom wear them in the towns and cities. Select cool, loose clothing in natural fibres to beat the heat for going out and about. Don’t forget the sunblock and a shady hat, and a waterproof or umbrella on standby will be welcome unless you are not averse to the occasional soaking in a downpour of rain.