Weather in Mexico in June

Is June a good time to visit Mexico?

The rainy season takes hold in Mexico during June, bringing afternoon rain storms – very often torrential – particularly to the Caribbean coast and, on the Pacific side, to the south of the Tropic of Cancer. This is also the beginning of the hurricane season in Mexico, but the risk of a hurricane or fierce tropical storm hitting either the west or east coast this early in the season is very low. Despite the occurrence of wet weather, though, Mexico’s beaches still offer plenty of hours of sweltering hot sunshine, particularly the northern coastal areas which are less affected by rain.

Climate in Mexico in June

The onset of the rainy season in Mexico in June means the arrival of heavy thunder-showers, particularly in the south of the country. On the Pacific coast Acapulco has an average 261.5mm of rain in June, with around 13 wet days, while further north Mazatlan is virtually dry with just 30mm and an average of three rainy days.

On the Caribbean coast the glitzy, glamorous resort of Cancun still offers plenty of fun in the sun, with temperatures soaring well above 30°C (86°F), even during the occasional rain shower. Cancun’s average rainfall for June is 137mm, but obligingly this falls as heavy showers late in the day, and the clouds dissipate rapidly. Cancun in June can still expect an average of seven hours of sunshine a day out of the 13 hours of daylight experienced at this time of year.

All of Mexico experiences high temperatures during June with high humidity, although it is always a great deal cooler in the elevated central interior.

What’s on in Mexico in June

Mexico goes crazy … literally … in June with the Dia de los Locos (Day of the Crazy People) which is not derogatory of the mentally challenged, but instead a festival, celebrated in San Miguel Allende in Guanajuato on 13th June, when fun is made of a variety of characters including cartoon characters, political figures and cross-dressers. The town itself, in the eastern part of central Mexico, is interesting to visit, with its historic centre.

Perhaps just as “loco” (considering the heat and heavy going) is the Baja 500 Off-road race held in Ensenada, Baja Caliornia, in early June – covering 420 miles of hard terrain with four check points.

Out at sea the month of June starts with Navy Day, celebrated in most Mexican ports, with parades, sailing competitions, parties and fireworks onshore.
Nationwide Father’s Day on 20th June is celebrated with a running race in Mexico City and festivities all over the country.

On 26th June Mexico City’s annual Gay Pride Parade is a colourful and unforgettable fiesta.

What to pack for a holiday in Mexico in June

Bring out the swimsuits and beachwear. The less you pack the better, because the heat in Mexico in June calls for light, comfortable clothing in all situations. Make sure you have something dressy for evening wear, but during the day shorts and t-shirts will be fine for going out and about. Sun protection is vital, particularly on the beach and for sight-seeing. The UV rays are dangerous at these latitudes in June. If visiting the southern coastal resorts a waterproof poncho in your daypack will be useful for those heavy showers which may arrive with little warning.