Weather in Mexico in May

Is May a good time to visit Mexico?

May brings a modicum of rain to the south of Mexico as the country’s rainy season makes a hesitant start. The general rule is that the further south you go the wetter it is, but it is still early enough in the rainy season to enjoy plenty of hot, sunny days on the beaches, particularly on the Pacific coast, with Acapulco remaining mainly hot and dry.  There may be a few showers to mar odd days on holiday in Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Temperature-wise the weather in Mexico in May is hot and humid for the most part, though cooler on the central plateau.


Climate in Mexico in May  

The rainy season begins to creep in to Mexico from the south during May. On the Pacific coast Huatulco in the south receives 112mm of rain across seven days on average in May, but further north Acapulco sees just a neglible 22mm on three wet days, while Cabo San Lucas stays dry as a bone.

Cancun, on the Caribbean coast, is hot and mostly sunny with an average seven days with some rain, though the total for the month averages only 89mm.

The rainy season does not reach the central plateau (Mexico City) just yet, but the rainfall graph begins to show an upward trend.

When it comes to temperature, Mexico is very hot during May, particularly on the coast where the resorts sizzle most days with the mercury climbing above 30°C (86°F). It remains some degrees cooler in the interior, where there is also a significant drop in temperature at night, particularly at higher elevations.

What’s on in Mexico in May

May in Mexico begins with a couple of national holidays – Labour Day on 1st May and Battle of Puebla Day on 5th May. On the 3rd May construction workers take time out to celebrate the Day of the Holy Cross with picnics and fireworks displays. Mexicans also set a lot of store in celebrating Mother’s Day on 10th May, when restaurants are usually packed with families treating their mothers to a meal out.

A major event in May is the International Festival of Puebla, which features hundreds of arts and cultural events across ten days in the town.

What to pack for a holiday in Mexico in May

You won’t need a big bag for a holiday in Mexico in May, unless you plan to leave space to bring home souvenirs! Your basic item of clothing will be a bathing suit, with shorts and t-shirts for going out and about during the day. A set of dressy casual clothes is necessary for evenings out in the beach resorts. If visiting the interior or Mexico City take a light jacket for night-times, and a pair of long trousers. A high factor sun block is vital – best take some with you because it can be pricey in the Mexican resorts.