Weather in Spain in May

Is May a good time to visit Spain?

Summer weather begins to spread across Spain, from south to north, during the month of May and the rainfall dries up somewhat. Down south sunshine begins to make a big impact on temperatures, but humidity levels are still reasonable, making this a pleasant dry, warm time to enjoy an early summer break on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Madrid in May starts off wet and miserable, but things settle down a little and the mercury jumps up the scale towards the end of the month.


Climate in Spain in May            

With the average temperature in Seville, for example, reaching a maximum of 27°C during May, with 14 hours of daylight out of which around 10 are filled with brilliant sunshine, the weather in southern Spain is delightful during May month. In Madrid and Barcelona there is a marked upward trend in the temperatures too, during the course of the month, but Madrid is still subject to rain showers as true summer weather struggles to get a foot-hold. Up north the Basque country stays wet and mild – May is one of this area’s wettest months, and in the north-west Asturias and Galicia musters only an average maximum of 17°C for May, with plenty of rain.


What’s on in Spain in May

With the weather hotting up in Spain in May, the country’s calendar of fiestas and festivals swings into high gear, with plenty of colourful affairs taking place, particularly in and around Madrid, where one of the highlights is the festival in honour of the city’s patron saint, San IsidroThe middle of May sees the advent of the renowned WOMAD World Music Festival in the town of Caceres, Extremadura.


What to pack for a holiday in Spain in May

An umbrella and/or raincoat are vital accessories for a trip to Spain in May, unless you are heading for the sunny, warm southern coastal resorts. On the “costas” you will need your beach-wear, sunblock, shorts and t-shirts, with perhaps a wrap or cardigan for after dark.