Weather in Spain in August

Is August a good time to visit Spain?

Even the most intrepid sun-seekers may find central and southern Spain too hot to handle in August – the warmest and driest month of the year. This is probably why most holiday-makers confine their activities to late afternoons and light evenings, then party the night away, retreating to air-conditioned hotel rooms and villas to sleep off the excesses during the hottest part of the day. This is the ideal time, however, to explore the cooler northern regions – the Basque province, Galicia and Asturias offer great scenery, but there is always the threat of a rainy day or two.


Climate in Spain in August

Along the Spanish “costas” during August expect exceptional heat and humidity, with temperatures in the early to mid 30°C. Rain is rare, and even if it falls does little to relieve the heat under relentless sunshine. Seville is known to be the hottest spot in Europe during August, with an average maximum temperature of 35°C for the month, a minimum of 19°C and 11 hours of sunshine every day. Likewise Madrid labours under intense heat and humidity, but Barcelona is slightly less sweaty with an average high of 27°C.

The most pleasant weather in Spain during August is experienced in the north – around Bilbao temperatures hover at 25°C and the rain which often afflicts the region holds off for much of the time. The famously wet and cool north-west of Spain is also pleasant in August, with warm weather, but there may be the odd damp, grey day.


What’s on in Spain in August

Of all the bizarre and fun festivals in Spain, the Tomatina Tomato Festival in Valencia towards the end of August is probably the most whacky and wonderful. The main event starts when truck loads of tomatoes arrive in the town square, and a juicy melee ensues as revelers pelt each other with the succulent, sticky fruit. Elsewhere there is no shortage of entertainment, from food and music festivals to bull runs and horse-racing on the beach.


What to pack for a holiday in Spain in August

To beat the heat you will need to take along anything cool and comfortable on a trip to Spain in August. Beachwear, sandals and sunscreen are necessities.