Weather in Portugal in January

Is January a good time to go to Portugal?

While January is far from the sunny, warm and dry summer, it is warmer than many other European countries. It is a great time to visit Portugal for a quiet, inexpensive holiday and enjoy authentic Portuguese life, as there are few tourists and the restaurants, attractions and museums are populated by locals. It is also possible to ski in Portugal at some of the alpines, a great alternative to other more expensive and colder ski resorts in Europe. 


Climate in Portugal in January

The weather in Portugal is wet and cool during January. It rarely drops below 6°C in most areas, but expect it to be wet, sometimes with up to 180mm (7in) of rainfall during the month. It might be too cold to swim, but visitors can backstroke through the snow and freestyle down the slopes at ski resorts in the Estrela Mountains or at the Spanish border. While it is mild compared to the rest of Europe, beware of the biting winter wind, which adds an extra chill to the air.


What’s on in Portugal in January

Enjoy the New Year’s concerts and events throughout the first few days of January, including the Fado in Chaido and Fado in Porto, two popular music events with performances by local favourites .As part of an authentic Portuguese holiday, tourists should immerse themselves in the traditional dancing and singing at the Day of Kings or Epiphany festivals, two major Catholic celebrations each with its own unique Portuguese features. 


What to pack for a holiday in Portugal in January

Pack warm clothes including a coat, one or two thermals, gloves, scarves and hats. Take long sleeved shirts, warm jerseys, some jeans and trousers, as well as a few T-shirts to be worn with a light top. Sturdy walking shoes or boots are essential, especially in hilly cities like Lisbon where rain makes the cobbled streets slippery and dangerous at times. Pack dark colours because lighter clothing will easily show dirt in the wet weather and, finally, don't forget an umbrella and raincoat, as it will rain most days.