Weather in Portugal in April

Is April a good time to go to Portugal?

Spring is in full swing, but while the weather is unpredictable, it doesn't seem to matter because the warm days outweigh the cloudy ones and the spring bloom adds a lightness to the atmosphere. Alentejo offers a place to hide away in its olive groves and enjoy a floral palette of striking colours, free from tourists and easily affordable for budget travel. The verdant cliff side near Lagos and the warm feel of the Algarve are equally enticing and even the wetter northern territories offer therapeutic value, with hot spas for relaxation. With the exception of the Easter holiday when many locals choose to visit family, airfare and accommodation is cheap throughout the country and there are many great events during this month too.


Climate in Portugal in April

April is mid-Spring, so most days are warm and showers are intermittent. Temperatures range from 10°C to 19°C (50°F to 66°F) and the south often feels like it’s in the mid-20s (77°F). Rainfall is low and sparse, most frequent in the North, and, even then, there is little reason to hide indoors. 


What’s on in Portugal in April

The Indie Lisboa International Independent Film Festival is a popular place for avant garde amateur directors and many rising stars debut among established filmmakers. The Lisbon Fish & Flavours is a culinary festival of note, a great stop on a food and wine tour in Portugal. Liberty Day is the Portuguese equivalent of American Independence Day, so expect fireworks and big celebrations to take place on 25 April. Finally, Music Days in Lisbon is a three-day music extravaganza, which boasts performances by the world’s most gifted classical musicians.


What to pack for a holiday in Portugal in April

Pack a warm coat, some long sleeved shirts, warm jerseys, synthetic trousers, as well as a few T-shirts with a light top and a pair of shorts, for that odd hot day. Many people hike in April, so comfortable walking shoes and sturdy boots, as well as thermals, scarves and gloves are great for brief walks and extended hikes. Finally, take along an umbrella or light raincoat because it rains at unexpected intervals.