Weather in Mauritius in January

Is January a good time to visit Mauritius?

January is mid-summer in Mauritius and the weather is perfect for holiday makers, who are expecting a hot beach holiday. The days will be hot and the evenings will be balmy. Mauritius gets quite a bit of rain in January and visitors can expect one or two showers in the afternoon, however they are short and should be over quickly and the cloud will be burnt off.

January is in the middle of the Cyclone season, but travellers should note that they are rare - the last major one to hit Mauritius was Cyclone Dina in January 2002 and there is plenty of warning if one is on the way. Those who tire of the heat can head to the central mountainous region of Mauritius, where the temperature is usually 5°C cooler than on the coast, and there are plenty of pleasant shady hiking routes and tourist attractions.


Climate in Mauritius in January

In January, the average temperatures range from 22°C (70°F) in the evening to 35°C (95°F) at midday. The sea temperature is warm all year around and in January is will be a comfortable 27°C (79°F). The average rainfall in Mauritius during January is 206 mm, which is much more than in the winter months but the rain comes in short, sharp thunderstorms and is over quickly and replaced by clear skies. Humidity is 81 percent, which is balmy but not uncomfortably humid.


Is January a good time to visit Mauritius?

Yes, for those who are after a hot beach holiday with the added benefit of fewer crowds than over Christmas and New Year. There are also a couple of interesting Hindu festivals which take place in January. Thai Pongal  is a festival of thanksgiving, cleansing and purification, when elaborately painted cattle are served rice pudding to mark the start of the Tamil year. Thaipoosam Cavadee is another Tamil festival where devotees pierce their tongues and cheeks, and parade through towns all over Mauritius. 

What to pack for a holiday in Mauritius in January

Beach clothes are all that are required for the day, and smarter clothes for the evening, depending on your hotel. Note that women should cover up with a sarong or similar when walking from the beach back to their hotel.