Weather in London in April

London in April is delightful, despite the fact that the spring weather is extremely changeable and unpredictable. The city exudes an atmosphere of new beginnings as the trees sport their fresh green foliage and the suburban streets are lined with cherry trees in blossom. Everyone – visitors and Londoners alike – emulate the season and walk with a definite spring in their step – even through the sudden heavy April showers which can catch one unawares.


Climate in London in April

April in London provides a tantalising taste of the summer to come, as the sun climbs higher in the sky and shines on the winter-weary city. Temperatures in April climb slowly and steadily, averaging a maximum of 15°C, but due to the unpredictability of the weather during London’s spring, don’t count on either sunshine or warmth! The odd wintry spell has been known to trip up the averages. The famed “April Showers” are not as intrusive as most believe, but short, heavy bursts of rain are common during springtime in London – rainfall during this month is not generally more than at any other time, however.


What’s On in London in April

Spring in London kicks off with the bank holiday Easter long weekend, which falls in late March or early April, packed with all sorts of events – particularly popular for families are Easter Egg Hunts which take place at all sorts of locations, from the London Eye to the Handel House Museum. Towards the end of April thousands of runners and spectators gather for one of London’s best known international sporting events – the gruelling London Marathon. Bibliophiles should not miss the massive London Book Fair, held annually at Earls Court Exhibition Centre in mid-April.


What to pack for a holiday in London in April

Packing for early spring in London is no easy task. With the unpredictable weather it is best to be prepared for anything from hot sunshine to chilly, overcast conditions or soaking rain showers, and all often on the same day! The key is therefore to layer your outfits, from T-shirt to light jumper and waterproof jacket.