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Samoa © Andrew Moore

The island paradise of Samoa is an independent Pacific state situated halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. It is comprised of 10 islands, surprisingly varied in their terrain and character, with ecosystems ranging from rainforests and lush valleys to volcanic mountain peaks and miles of perfect sandy beaches.

Crystal-clear azure waters teeming with aquatic life and pristine coral reefs entice snorkelers and scuba divers. Adventurers enjoy exploring Samoa's fertile valleys where banyan trees tower over the rainforest canopy and explorers can cool down under cascading waterfalls.

Samoa is in many ways isolated from the busy, populated world outside its borders. Amid the beautiful scenery of the islands, Samoans live with their ancient traditions and culture largely intact despite the influx of more modern influences. Family, religion, and hospitality are values central to Samoan identity, as is the laid-back approach to life and the legendary warm welcome extended to visitors.

Upolu is the main island and home to the capital Apia, which is a fun and vibrant city and the ideal gateway to Samoa's other islands. Upolu was where Robinson Crusoe lived and his time here is commemorated in the Vailima botanical gardens and museum.

Other highlights on Upolu include Lalomanu Beach which adjoins a protected pristine lagoon that is perfect for snorkelling; the famous Malua Turtle feeding site; as well as all of the area's splendid waterfalls. A visit to the Marketi Fou at Fugalei provides a wonderful insight into everyday life in Samoa. Here, visitors can sample local delicacies while watching a game of Samoan checkers.

Of the other islands, Savai'i offers unparalleled raw beauty, volcanic craters, towering waterfalls, mysterious archaeological sites, and incredible natural blowholes. Manono Island, on the other hand, is a slice of old Samoa with just a handful of fishing villages and little in the way of vehicles and electricity to disturb the peaceful way of life.

A holiday in Samoa presents a dilemma of whether to proactively explore the many attractions and activities of the islands, or just embrace the easy-going lifestyle by relaxing on the perfect beaches. Either way, joy is guaranteed.