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Barbados has a lot to offer visitors regarding beach life and sightseeing. Resorts in St James and St Peter are dream settings from which to appreciate this tropical paradise. More specifically, guests will find luxury, relaxation and a touch of hedonism on the island's renowned west coast.

On the sightseeing front, Harrison's Cave and the Jacobean Mansions are certainly worth visiting. So too is the little fishing village of Bathsheba, which is favoured by surfers and photographers. Graeme Hall Swamp has even more in the way of unusual sights.

All in all, the island is an irresistible option for that perfect, sunny, coastal vacation.


West Coast Beaches

Western Barbados is known as the 'Platinum Coast'. North of the capital, Bridgetown, visitors will find many splendid beach resorts beside the Caribbean shore's warm, clear waters.

Beaches such as Batts Rock, Paynes Bay and Mullins Bay are popular for swimming and sunbathing. Treasure...  see full details

Red mangrove

Graeme Hall Swamp

Located near Bridgetown, the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is Barbados' largest expanse of inland water. Its red and white mangrove trees are home to a number of bird species.

Unfortunately, government plans to develop much of the area have forced the park to close...  see full details

Casuarina Garden


Barbados has many beautiful tropical gardens. All of them are worth visiting for the tranquillity they inspire.

Travellers who begin their adventure in the island's capital, Bridgetown, should visit the nearby Lazaretto Gardens. Located in the parish of St Michael, they're home to several...  see full details

Animal Flower Cave


Barbados is a treasure trove of tropical wildlife. Visitors will enjoy encountering the island's colourful species on land and beneath the sea.

Ocean lovers should head north to the Animal Flower Cave. Located in the rugged parish of St Lucy, it's home...  see full details

Harrison's Cave

Harrison’s Cave

This huge underground cavern boasts an amazing gallery of deep emerald pools, breath-taking waterfalls, and stalagmites and stalactites. Visitors take electrically operated trams down through an extensive system of caves, ultimately reaching a spectacular waterfall at the bottom level.

...  see full details

A Bathsheba shack


Bathsheba is home to a small community of fishing folk. Located on the island's east coast, its rocky terrain makes it a dream setting for photographers. Visitors can look forward to local rum shops, fine restaurants and one of the island's most spectacular beaches,...  see full details

St Nicholas Abbey

Jacobean Mansions

Constructed in the 1650s, Drax Hall in St George and St Nicholas Abbey in St Peter are two of the oldest buildings in Barbados. Both are world-renowned examples of Jacobean architecture, and feature curved Dutch gables and coral-stone finials. Each of them is furnished...  see full details


Surfing the Soup Bowl

Serious surfers should head to the Soup Bowl. Located on Barbados' east coast, the beach is home to the island's biggest and most powerful waves. Its coral-reef coastline, strong, constant trade winds and year-round swell create the region's most reliable surf conditions. Beginners can...  see full details


Carlisle Bay Diving

The Carlisle Bay Marine Park is a superb site for beginner and veteran divers. Its diverse and wonderfully coloured marine population includes rays, reef squids, frog fishes, moray eels, sea horses, barracudas, octopuses and more. Divers can also expect a fine selection of wrecks....  see full details


Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Located on a cliff overlooking the town of Bathsheba, the Andromeda Botanic Gardens make a great day out for the entire family. Kids will have plenty of space to run around and adults will be impressed by an array of flowers that includes...  see full details

Flower in forest

Flower Forest

Barbados' Flower Forest is a wonderful stop for families. Parents can admire beautifully coloured tropical plants and flowers such as roses, hibiscus, begonias and heliconias, or join their children as they venture off to discover more gardens.

Otherwise, the area's topography features gentle hills,...  see full details

Tropical fish

Folkestone Marine Park

Combining a museum and an aquarium, the Folkestone Marine Park features an artificial reef, purposely formed by sinking a ship called the Stavronikita. Divers can expect to see some incredible marine life at the site. Snorkelling equipment is available for hire, though only experienced...  see full details