Travel Guide

The Valley

The Valley is the capital of Anguilla. Although it boasts a population of fewer than 2,000 people it's still the main town and a crossroads for travellers visiting Anguilla. There's not much to this small town, besides a few shopping plazas. Compared to the rest of the island, even the architecture is lacking. But it does have a few noteworthy museums and galleries.

Being Anguilla's highest point at 213 feet (65m), Crocus Hill is the perfect place for holiday photographs. The Crocus Hill are of the Valley is home to many popular tourist accommodations due to its amazing views over the Caribbean Sea and surrounding areas. Crocus Hill is also the site of the ruins of the old court house, though nowadays all that's left are the crumbling walls of a few of the basement jail cells.

Another attraction in the Valley is the Wallblake House, a plantation home that was built around 1787 by Will Blake and is one of the last remaining plantation houses in the whole of the Caribbean that is still completely intact.

Most travellers use the Valley as a stepping stone for their Anguilla experience. It remains a footstone in a path leading to pristine palm-fringed beaches and warm crystalline waters, abundant in a rich and diverse marine life just waiting to be explored.