Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

Abu Dhabi Kids Attractions

Although Abu Dhabi's glittering skyscrapers and opulent boulevards suggest more of an adult wonderland than a children's paradise, visiting parents will be happy to learn that there are plenty of amusements that promise to keep the children entertained during their time in the city.

The many beaches and water parks are a sure way to keep the whole family occupied. For visitors seeking an escape from the sun, there are plenty of malls and amusement parks which specifically cater for children. Hili Fun City, for example, is the United Arab Emirates' answer to Disneyland, and the amusement centre at the Marina Mall offers a wide variety of arcade games and thrilling rides. The Armed Forces Officer's Club has many facilities for kids too, and even features a spa for weary parents in need of some pampering. Khalifa Park is well worth a visit, featuring an aquarium, museum, play parks, a train and even formal gardens to enjoy some time out under the shade of a tree. With all these options, Abu Dhabi is ideal for travelling families.

Marina Mall

Marina Mall Fun City

The Fun City at Marina Mall is a great place for kids, offering an exciting range of arcade games and rides to enjoy. Favourite rides at the amusement centre include the thrashing shark rollercoaster, the whizzy little bumper cars and the 'Extreme Shock' machine...  see full details

Bowling Alley

Bowling, Paintball and Table Tennis

Kids in Abu Dhabi will love honing their skills in the bowling alley at the Armed Forces Officers' Club, or perhaps playing a game of paintball or table tennis. There is also a large playground and an Olympic-size swimming pool at the club...  see full details

Ice Skating

Hili Fun City

A great attraction for children and often called the 'Disneyland of the Middle East', Hili Fun City is the largest theme park in the Gulf. Completely refurbished and modernised in 2009, the park offers a number of rides and amusements, including a mini...  see full details