Cancun Travel Guide


Cancun © Cancun CVB

Located on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, the world-famous beach resort hub of Cancun was once a humble fishing village but has blossomed into a city which caters mostly to tourists in search of sand, sun, and surf. The city is dominated by the hotel zone, blessed with all the amenities visitors could possibly desire.

Cancun's downtown area, home to the locals, is often overlooked by foreigners. Downtown Cancun is less glamorous than the glitzy beachfront, but it does allow travellers to experience a more authentic Mexican community, with bustling markets, cheap restaurants, vendors, and street performers.

As a beach resort Cancun is inexhaustibly popular and its reputation is well deserved: the powdery white sand and clear waters make for a Caribbean paradise where watersports are the main diversion. Scuba divers and snorkellers flock to the region for some of the best coral reef diving in the world (particularly around the island of Cozumel).

The variety and quality of accommodation in Cancun is superb and the nightlife is extremely energetic, making it a great favourite with young Americans. The city offers splendid shopping and eating out venues and there are some remarkable Mayan ruins nearby for a touch of culture and history on a beach holiday. The only real disadvantage of Cancun as a holiday destination is the crowds which descend on the small coastal city: Spring Break (March and April) is best avoided.