Antananarivo Travel Guide


Travellers visiting Antananarivo will find it easiest getting around on foot. There is an affordable and efficient mini-bus service, known as taxi be, that runs regularly throughout the city. The fares are usually at least half the price of a regular taxi. However, because most tourists are not familiar with the routes and aren't comfortable being packed into a taxi be, regular taxis are the preferred method of transport for travellers. Be sure to negotiate the fare with the driver before entering the taxi. Car rental agencies can be found in Antananarivo, but the roads are generally in poor condition. The train journey between the capital and Toamasina, and between Fianarantsoa and Manakara, is recommended for its scenery. The island has only a few main roads (from Tana to Mahajanga, to Toamasina and to Tuléar), with dirt tracks covering the rest of the country. Many roads are impassable during the rainy season.